H264 movie files recorded on JUCE + iOS are unsupported on JUCE + Windows 10

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I’m finding that movie (.mov) files recorded via the device camera on a test JUCE app running on iOS, can not be loaded into the same JUCE app running on Windows. I get a “Stream Unsupported” error.

With FFProbe I see that videos created on the iOS are H.264 QT movies, whereas on the PC the same app creates WMV.

Although the Windows system (via Windows Media Player, WindowsZunePlayer etc) can play the same iOS .mov files just fine, how do we make JUCE apps aware of this codec/format combo, or in fact other codecs that are already available to the system?

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions!



IIUC Windows has several video playback APIs, and JUCE is using the older one which is also supported across a wide range of OS versions.

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Hey there, thanks for the reply @yairadix

That’s interesting and gives me something to explore. It would be handy to have the option of a more recent video API. Nice to know I’m not going crazy :slight_smile: