Reading/writing video files?

Hey Jules, any plans to add reading and writing of video files to Juce?

I’ve just recently finished working my way through the Windows Media Foundation API, and I was able to export .mp4 files (H.264 video and AAC audio) from my Juce application using raw audio and video (image) data. Now I have to tackle doing the same thing on OSX, but it looks like it’s just a matter of learning the QtKit API.

It would be cool if Juce could support this natively though. I’m sure a lot of users could benefit from loading and saving videos without much hassle, similar to how they can currently do so with image and audio files.

You shouldn’t spend any time looking at Quicktime, it’s very much deprecated now. On my to-do-list is converting the juce video playback stuff from QT to AVFoundation, but saving video is a whole can of worms that I probably don’t have time to look at any time soon.

I know, but my app has to support 10.6, and AVFoundation only exists for 10.7 and later right?

Eventually I’ll probably end up doing them both :).