Need some pointers for video playback

Hi there,

I am going to integrate video playback into a (cross-platform) application and I wondered if anybody has some tips on the easiest and/or most efficient way to approach this.
The video playback has to be synced to the application’s audio engine /transport control and the file decoding etc. should probably be done with QuickTime. I had a look at QuickTimeMovieComponent, which looks good, but it was not clear to me whether it can be tightly synced to an audio stream and whether I can prevent it from opening the audio device for playback.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


I got something similar working by running a quicktime player and gradually nudging its speed to keep it in line with the audio playback position - QT seems to have sufficiently fine-grained speed control that it works pretty well.

Thanks for that, I hadn’t even considered that you could control playback speed on such a level!