QTKit vs AVFoundation


I can see from JUCE code that AVFoundation is used only for iOS but not Mac OS. Am I right? Is there a simple way to make JUCE use AVFoundation for Mac too instead of the deprecated QTKit?

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Someone could please help with this?

QTKit is used for the JUCE video module. Currently, JUCE does not support video on iOS. It only uses AVFFoundation for some of the AudioUnit stuff on iOS.

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is it planned that AVFoundation will replace QTKit for video module (in MAC) in the next future?

Yes it’s definitely on our backlog and I think Jules already has a half working implementation. However, it may still take a few months until we release this.

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Are there any news about the replacement of QTKit in Juce ? I am trying to display the video from my internal camera and since I’m on Sierra there is no QTKit anymore. I tried to get QTKit back in my Mac through the install of opencv3 but it seems like it’s a no-go for my computer.
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