Has anyone integrated JUCE within a game built on Unreal Engine?

Hello JUCErs,

I want to integrate a sampler (which uses JUCE internally) into a game based on the Unreal Engine.

Has anyone done something similar? What sort of issues should I expect?

I apologize if this is too broad of a question (I am not going to do the actual integration, but I would like to try and prevent any issues before they arise) and I am grateful for any info you might want to share.


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sound difficult tbh, from my experience of the current state of the unreal audio engine, you don’t get true access to audio buffers without a heavy degree of hacking. I could be wrong though, my only experience is spending a day attempting to add a node to the audio blueprints, only to realize the audio blueprints don’t have true signal flow. ie. connecting an audio output source to various modules simply changes things inside of the output source class itself.

That being said it’s definitely possible as many companies have implemented their own audio engine inside of unreal.

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I am looking into this now. My thoughts are, there is support for an audio stream. So if somebody would add an AudioOutputStream as subclass of AudioIODeviceCallback, that would be awesome.

The other option would be to hook directly into OpenAL, which is the audio backend of Unreal.
How buffers are queued is described on page 14: http://openal.org/documentation/OpenAL_Programmers_Guide.pdf

I would be interested, how it went…