Has this changed? (Introjucer to Projucer)

I have only basic knowledge of c++, so sorry if this is a stupid question…

I watched a tutorial video on youtube (hour long-he was using xcode on a mac with introjucer, I’m using visual studio 2015 on windows 10 with projucer) and everything was going smoothly until he got to a point (37 1/2 mins in) wheres he’s seeing precompiled code that I’m not.

I’ll call my project ‘myplugin’

in ‘pluginprocessor.cpp’ he’s seeing:

//below is the code
int mypluginAudioProcessor::getNumParameters()
float mypluginAudioProcessor::getParameter(int index)

has something changed from the introjucer to projucer? Again, sorry for the dumb question as this is probably something stupid on my part. :slight_smile:

Yes this has changed recently. The template now uses the new managed parameter system. Look at examples/PlugInSamples/NoiseGate for example to see how you can use this.

ah okay thanks. Hopefully i can figure it out.

Is there an up to date book for JUCE or can I download an older version so i can just finish following his tutorial?