Hello, I assume people are still alive! + MemoryBlock Q


just wanted to say wasuppers! 'ello! BTW, still tearing it to juce… w00t! :lol:

which reminds me… hey jules, why are you using MemoryBlock in the vst demo to pass getchunk info? isn’t it easier just to pass a pointer to your structure or whatever contains your parameters. I tried using memoryblock and could never get it to rebuild the chunk correctly. While passing a pointer to a struct was very easy and would rebuild itself with no problem. Just curious as to the reason… ? and maybe some help with what I might be doing wrong… 8)

I figured out how to use MemoryBlock… I s’pose that is what docs are for… (void *)MemoryBlock will return a pointer to the data contained in it. Duh! :lol:

MemoryBlocks are just a lot easier to keep track of and avoid memory leaks, and shouldn’t be any slower than allocating the memory manually.