MemoryBlock was not declared in this scope

I’m getting this error whenever i try to use MemoryBlock, i use all other Juce types (String, Combos well anything goes), but i do

	iId = _iId;
	String tmp;
	MemoryBlock data;

in a contructor or wherever (any method) of any class in the project (even the base VST plugin part) and I get (Xcode 2.4)

/Developer/Projects/myPlug/build/VST_Mac/../../src/PanelGui.cpp: In constructor 'PanelGui::PanelGui(PanelBase*, int)':
/Developer/Projects/myPlug/build/VST_Mac/../../src/PanelGui.cpp:23: error: 'MemoryBlock' was not declared in this scope
/Developer/Projects/myPlug/build/VST_Mac/../../src/PanelGui.cpp:23: error: expected `;' before 'data'

is that some bug or i’m missing some macro ?

There’s a name conflict with some headers, so I changed it so that you have to say “juce::MemoryBlock” to avoid any confusion.

it works, i asked cause there was nothing in the doc about this i’m using the CHM version now.