Hint: Juce 1.45 juce::juce MemoryBlock issues

:oops: I’ve been staring at my code which compiled fine until the latest update - and I finally figured out what’s going on :roll: What a dim-dim!

I’m posting this here just in case someone else has the same problems (or if I forget, which is more likely!)

In a previous life, I’d replaced all references to MemoryBlocks with
juce::MemoryBlock to avoid classname clashes with a standard Mac library… then, later I replaced them by JUCE_NAMESPACE::MemoryBlocks

Someone’s (mention no names) kindly created a macro for MemoryBlock which includes the JUCE_NAMESPACE:: bit, to avoid class-clashes… so I had errors referencing “juce::juce” and didn’t understand what was going on…

For future reference (just for me maybe) if anyone else who sees an error with the words MemoryBlock or juce::juce, remember you can just leave MemoryBlock’s alone - because Jule’s has fixed your problem before you’d had it.

Believe it or not, I’ve just come-up against this when implementing the Mixtikl plug-ins for Mac. Many thanks for your help. :slight_smile:


Has something changed with this on the trunk? I’ve had no problems with MemoryBlock and other Mac OS API name collisions until I updated to the head revision (688) today, now I’m getting loads. (I was running 1.46 previously)

Any ideas?

Fired that one off too quick–needed to change deployment target and sdk in my project.