Compile Errors in

Included from:
(26)  .../Juce/modules/juce_audio_plugin_client/AAX/
Error:(501, 13) reference to 'MemoryBlock' is ambiguous
Included from:
(26)   .../dependencies/Juce/modules/juce_audio_plugin_client/AAX/
Error:(503, 17) use of undeclared identifier 'tempFilterData'
Error:(506, 39) use of undeclared identifier 'tempFilterData'
Error:(507, 13) use of undeclared identifier 'tempFilterData'
Error:(507, 54) use of undeclared identifier 'tempFilterData'
Error:(508, 13) use of undeclared identifier 'tempFilterData'

This started appearing @ 61293f5 (Fix for an AAX problem involving chunks on multiple threads)

-- Benjamin

PS.: Out of curiosity: are doing any kind of continous integration? is free for open source projects. If you ask nicely, they're also enabling OSX builds. but I guess, it would be difficult to compile/test the VST and AAX stuff, because of the licensing restrictions.


Sorry, thought I'd got all of those namespaces. Have sorted it out now.

TBH we haven't really needed CI for the main codebase because so me and lots of people are constantly building it, and mistakes get picked up very quickly anyway. It's just edge-cases like AAX builds where things can go unnoticed. But yes, we may add something more formal in the near future!