Hello world xcode 2.2


My HP got fried so Im trying to get
up and running on my mac, still get getting
used to the dylib, frameworks stuff.
Im using 10.4.2 , xcode 2.2., gcc 3.3

Juce builds fine,
although I notice that afterwards the product libJucedebug.a
was red and
upon building the example
hello world app I got this linking error

ld: …/…/…/juce/bin/libJucedebug.a(juce_GradientBrush.o) illegal reference for -dynamic code (section difference reference from section (__TEXT,__eh_frame) relocation entry (92) to symbol: _hypotf defined in dylib: /usr/lib/libSystem.dylib)
Build failed for target “juce_application” (1 error)

I tried directly adding libJucedebug.a to my project
which removed its red status, but I got the same error.

Anyone seen this?
Is there a linking step I missed?


Never seen anything like that - maybe because you’re using gcc3.3?

Yep, that was it.
Had it set there because my sdl/opengl project couldnt handle 4.0
Nice to be working with the latest and greatest.