Help.. Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab for tab switching


this is GUI library with coolest interface i’ve ever see…
but, i feel some difficulties using it… (yesterday is my first time using it ^^)
like keyboard shortcuts i like, i don’t know how to implement it…
i try to create multi tab simple text editor,
using ctrl+tab to go to next tab,
ctrl+shift+tab to go previous tab,

Using this class hierarchy

class VApplication :public JUCEApplication class VMainFrame :public DocumentWindow class VMainPanel // as content component of main frame :public Component ,public KeyListener class VMainTabContainer // inside the main panel :public TabbedComponent class VMainTabPanel // as tab content component of tab container :public Component class VTextEditor // inside the tab :public TextEditor

first i try to
add actionListener for VIDEMainTabContainer, but it cannot catch ctrl+tab and ctrl+shift+tab
next i try to
add actionListener for VIDETextEditor, it works, but other key doesnt insert into the textEditor…
then i try to
add button and use button.addShortcut(), it catch the ctrl+tab and ctrl+shift+tab
but it doesnt work like i want T__T, the buttons keep getting focus
can you help me with solution?

next question is, how can i highlight certain word from text editor using another color?

some unimportant question, is static library really that large or it just me?
jucelib_static_Win32.lib 222 MB --> whoa…
jucelib_static_Win32_debug.lib 24 MB
for information i use visual studio 2008 express edition

some more question ^^, eeerr…
can i make my source closed for period of time until i graduated (about 5 months)?
is that violating JUCE license?

thanks in advance, and sorry for my bad english…
for haydxn thanks for good tutorial ^^, helps a lot…
you can send me e-mail your tutorial if you want to,
ill gladly upload it on my account in my campus server and post the link


I’d have thought that it’d catch ctrl+tab without a problem - are you sure that your component actually has keyboard focus? Have a look at Component::setWantsKeyboardFocus and the other related methods…

Text editors can contain different coloured text, you just set the colour before each bit that you insert.

And yes, if you release a closed source product, that’s breaking the GPL - maybe you could just not release it yet?..


found some misstype, i guess ^^

in DirectoryIterator Class Reference
If you may be finding a large … and this is more mempry-efficient.


Sorry… I don’t really understand much of your last post??..


in juce_DirectoryIterator.h
at line 47

i’m sorry


ah, I see! Thanks!