Help needed: how to get an AU installer work on MacOs

Hello! I’m following the tutorial on how to create a setup package for a JUCE plugin and I’m stuck here:


For certain plugin formats such as AUv3 and AAX, extra steps such as code-signing and certificates are required for the installation process to succeed.

Which leaves me in the limbo of ignorance and, while I can complete the tutorial and get the VST3 plugin installed properly, the AU just does not copy to the correct folder. I’m wondering what do I need to do in order for the setup to be available to copy the Component file into the system library folder. No idea how to code-sign or create a certificate, or if I need to do both things, just one, or none of them.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

EDIT: I’ve just seen I wasn’t setting the path properly. that said, can anyone provide a bit of light about what steps should I take into account regarding signing and certificates?

This is my method.