Help on scope for cross-platform music app

Questions for creating a product development scope.

We`re a small company planing the development of a cross platform music app (iOS + Android), plus an attachable hardware midi interface. And we need some advice on choosing development tools and strategy. Before we start hiring, we would appreciate any input from anyone with relevant experience.

Product criteria:
-Deep level audio processing (simple sequencer functionality + wavetable synth + interfacing with external gear via midi)
-Cross platform mobile (Android + iOS) compability. (desktop and browser comability is a plus, not important)
-We don`t do synthesis, only pcm audio (sample acurate looping and wavetables basically)

Some questions:
1: Is there a consensus as to what development strategy/libraries to choose for cross-platform audio software?
2: Is JUCE suitable for this project, are there JUCE alternatives that could be more suitable?
3: What channels or people are experts in this field that we can get in touch with?
4: Any developers who are experts in this field we can contact?

If there is anything else you think we should know, please do tell :slight_smile:

Thank you!

  1. JUCE is the most widely used cross-platform audio development framework
  2. JUCE is a great fit for your use case

This forum provides broad access to a lot of highly skilled audio developers, not just JUCE developers.

I’d also recommend watching some Audio Developer Conference videos - there are a few which describe different architectures for audio applications.

If you’re focusing on mobile devices.
JUCE ‘amazing’ feature is that your code actually runs on ALL platforms.
Having said that, this make UI development and available components more limited and might require additional adaptions for each platform.

Emphasising on @t0m’s suggestion, checkout the ADC videos.
Here is one example of getting ‘the best’ of JUCE while having your UI decoupled.
Check the table of pros/cons which might be starting point for your own profiling.