JUCE GUI iPhone Apps in Appstore

Hi All,

Please provide me the links of all the apps which are there in app store using JUCE.


I don’t think such a list exists…

I don’t recall seeing such a list either… but it seems like an odd question. I’m curious as to why that would be important?

I have developed apps using JUCE for Windows and MAc…

I just want to know how feasible it is to use JUCE for cross platform development in mobile…

There is no input from any of the forum… I m most worried about the GUI side right now…

So i want to know how people have developed GUI in iPhone using JUCE.

There are other alternatives like Mono and QT.

How good is JUCE compared to Mono and QT???
can anyone answer??


from my understanding JUCE has been designed as a programmers framework that helps creating plugin capable
apps for mostly audio signal processing and similar. (and it seems that is is used most for that)

maybe i am wrong - but JUCE is not meant as alternative to QT or Mono, but JUCE provides in some parts similar

and - to be honest - the world of frameworks is not that small - take the framework you suffers your needs.

maybe on IOS something totally different is more useful than JUCE - maybe not. :slight_smile:


edited: typo in last statement

I have been creating more complex GUI apps using JUCE on windows and Mac…
For desktop systems JUCE works fine… Do marcel ur comments are not valid here…

I need a strong JUCE developer who indeed developed iPhone GUI application. I want strong source…

May be Jules can comment better on this…

i will be quiet again Godwin,
but - you did not get the point.

i didn’t place any critics on that what you did, i never would.

i just said that you compare qt mono and juce and that it like
comparing apples with oranges.


Yes, you’re wrong - it’s very much intended as an alternative to QT!

There are certainly some JUCE iOS apps out there, but that doesn’t mean that any of the developers will see your question or want to reply to it. In fact a lot of iOS devs are probably paranoid about getting banned from the Apple store, and may decide to keep it secret that they’ve used any kind of non-Apple library in their code.

Ok, I for one will stand against the Empire of Evil (Apple)!.. :smiley:

The latest version of our iPhone app called iShala was developped with a Juce UI.

We also have an Adroid version that was a Juce app from the beginning.

Juce is a GREAT framework for developping mobile apps. There is just a bit of tweaking at times if you need something specific.



My iOS App is developed using JUCE: http://www.sonicweb-radio.de/

The UI layer is not written is JUCE though. I wrote the UI using regular Cocoa / Objective-C.