Unsolicited Praise

Hi. Sorry to take up unnecessary bandwidth, but I just have to say, Juce totally rocks.

My woeful tale – Wrote a nontraditional MIDI sequencer software for the Apple II (Synthestra, from Decillionix), in the 80’s. Kinda quirky, but I liked it for my own music… Then the Apple II went away, and in the 90’s rewrote it, mostly, under Mac OS. Then the Mac OS (basically) went away, and I’m high and dry again.

Checked out Qt and Wx. Qt was ok. A bit of a nightmare to configure and link and stuff. Wx I never got to work.

Juce… it’s so clean and obvious. Everything is instantly familiar, and it linked easily, and between Friday and Sunday (I have this day job, see) got my Synthestra UI half up and running, and pipping little MIDI tones.

Thank you, Jules, for making this thing available. I aspire to be a commercial licensee… but we’ll see how it goes. :slight_smile:

Addendum. The tragedy, of course, is that if I’d just written the thing in MS-DOS to begin with, it would still just work today. sigh.

Thanks very much - I like all praise, whether it’s unsolicited or solicited! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing your sequencer, though I have to say, you’d have to be crazy to try writing one of those…

Yes, juce has made life very easy for me and barely a day goes by that I don’t appreciate how well designed, documented, and full featured it all is. I am also working on a music app - more info at http://www.genomestudio.net/

I’ve been looking into libnui for iphone stuff and while it’s very similar to juce in a lot of ways, the documentation is very poor (you’re lucky to get a single sentence description of what a class does), there are very few examples and the ones that do exist still contain bugs, etc… Really makes me long for juce on the iphone :wink:

me too!