HELP! Please try compiling dspfilters

Can someone please check out my open source project with svn:

Add the XCode 4 project for DSPFiltersDemo (in DSPFiltersDemo/Builds/XCode4/) and batch build all the targets and let me know if there are any problems?


I don’t use Xcode 4 but I can tell you that it compiles ans runs fine with Xcode 3 on 10.6.

How is that possible considering I don’t provide an XCode 3 project… ? OR did you put one together?

Xcode 4 project are Xcode 3 compatibles

You mean XCode 3 can open XCode 4 projects?

From the Xcode 4 Transition Guide:
“Xcode 4 reads and builds projects created in Xcode 2.1 through the latest release of Xcode 3. Projects created with Xcode 4 can be opened and built on Xcode 3.2 and later.”

Good. Then I dont have to make new XCode 3 projects, lol!