Hey juce team, can you please replace jassert linux implementation

Hi JUCE-team,

could you please replace

  #define JUCE_BREAK_IN_DEBUGGER        { ::kill (0, SIGTRAP); } 


    #define JUCE_BREAK_IN_DEBUGGER        { asm("int $3"); }

in juce_core/system/juce_PlatformDefs.h?

VS Code can handle this much better and I change it all the time after pulling JUCE.


Best, equinox

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This won’t work on non-x86 platforms but I think this is a good idea.

Maybe it would be possible to wrap both in a platform-detection switch?

Most compilers support __builtin_trap(), we should be able to use that for ARM platforms.


works even nicer than asm("int $3") for me here.
asm("int $3") points somehow allways three lines wrong which is not the case for the builtin_trap.

Oh but __builtin_trap() seems to kill the program, with asm("int $3") I am able to move on with F5… So at least for my setup asm("int $3") is to be the best.

Please see this excellent snippet: