Hiding the tooltip window when the mouse wheel is used

Hi Jules, what do you think of adding ++juce_MouseClickCounter; in ComponentPeer::handleMouseWheel ? That way the tooltipwindow wouldn’t show up when one is using the mouse wheel (on a slider for example)


On Jupiter-8V, we are using tooltip along mouse wheel on slider and that’s very convenient : when you move the slider using mouse wheel, you see the value that’s instantaneously updated in the tooltip.

Is it the regular TooltipWindow ? It looks like a BubbleComponent in Jupiter 8.
I agree it looks great.

yes… it’s a good suggestion, but would break other code that uses that counter as a way of specifically detecting clicks. I see your point though, the tooltip could be quite annoying. Not quite sure what the best fix would be…

I’m putting in my vote in favor of this idea… I’m using the mouse wheel as a way to increment/decrement values in a text box, and I want the text box’s tooltip to go away when the value is changed.

Why not just have a separate variable that keeps track of mouse wheel moves in ComponentPeer? And incorporate that into the TooltipWindow timerCallback.

Yeah, that might not be a bad idea - thanks, I’ll take a look and see what I can figure out.

I have a variation of this. I need a tooltip to stay visible when the mouse clicks. This way the tooltip can display the slider’s name and slider’s value when hovered and when being dragged.

Another issue. If I change the tooltip text when a mouse wheel changes the value, the tooltip moves. What can I do?

What would even be better is to have the Tooltip be displayed as the PopupDisplayComponent. Anyway to implement this?