Tooltips sometimes drawing out in left field

Using a TooltipWindow without a parent component, we often observe the following:

  • A tooltip is shown on top of our plugin UI (as expected, so far so good)
  • The mouse is moved quickly outside of the plugin UI
  • A new tooltip appears, sometimes even on a secondary display, for the last component the mouse traversed over. That last-traversed component still appears hovered-over, although the mouse is far far away. In many cases, the tooltip (and mouse cursor) is >1000px from our plugin UI and from a user perspective, is very strange.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? Are there any solutions?

I might be wrong but I have a suspicion that the component still appearing to be hovered over could be related to this Mouse-Exit Bug

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Definitely seems likely to me. The workaround we used there would definitely not work for the tooltips, unfortunately. This one seems like it will require a JUCE fix or our own rewrite of the tooltip window class.

This involves some code that Ed has been working on recently. He is on holiday but should be back tomorrow.

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37c243b should fix this issue and also the issue with components remaining hovered-over when the mouse leaves the plug-in window. Can you confirm that it works for you?

Sorry to say, doesn’t seem to fix it for us. FWIW, it seems easiest to make happen in AAX.

Do you apply any scaling to the plugin?

No, other than the scale factor for retina / high-DPI displays. We’ve observed it for both retina and non-retina displays.

In general, the tooltips work great and display with the correct scaling and positioning.

I think Ed’s fix was good. He just forgot to also add it to AAX (I don’t think he has ProTools on his machine). I’ve pushed the necessary change to develop with commit 7d98da9.

Can you confirm that commits 37c243b and 7d98da9 fix the issue?


It worked! Thank you!