Tooltip Window Problem

hi jules,

I have defined a Tooltip Window and some of my elements have tooltip with long text. when the tooltips appear, they appear inside the parent window and some part of the texts are lost due to parent window bounds.

the only way that I found to show them correctly and the whole text appears on the desktop and not bound to the parent window was to add the the tooltupWindow to the desktop by ->addToDesktop().

but in this case, when the mouse moves over the elements and the tooltip window apears, a blank taskbar’s button comes and goes every time in the window’s taskbar on the bottom of the screen.

is it a bug or there is another way to prevent these window titles to show the taskbar’s button while showing long texts correctly over the pearent window ?

You don’t need to add it to the desktop yourself - just create a tooltipwindow object and leave it to get on with the job… (Read the notes for its constructor parameters)

thank you .

I had another line after it like addChildComponent(toolTip). after you said nothing else is needed, I commented it out and It worked.