Issue with displaying a TooltipWindow in another component

Hi all,

I have an app that was displaying tooltips in a component in a sidebar. I noticed that it stopped working. I assumed it was a change i had made, but i haven’t been able to fix it so I wonder if something changed in JUCE?

To try and diagnose, I have re-produced the setup in an extremely simple JUCE project (see attached). This project just tries to display a Tooltip in a component displayed below a button, which has a tooltip set on it for when you hover over it.

In short, I have created the TooltipWindow in a component class:

class TestComponent :    public Component
    // rest of class above here excluded...

    TooltipWindow tooltipWindow;

and in the constructor have initialised it as follows…

 :  tooltipWindow (this, 500)


I then have a button in MainComponent, which I set a tooltip on…

myButton.setButtonText ("Hover Over Me");
myButton.setTooltip ("Test tooltip text");

The button is displayed just above the TestComponent in MainComponent.

I never see the tooltip. If I change the initialisation of the TooltipWindow to use nullptr rather than this for the TestComponent class then it will display a hovered tooltip. But it won’t display in the component.

Thanks in advance for any help - hopefully it is just something simple I am not doing…

Adam (18.8 KB)

This should fix things:

Excellent - will test it and report back,