Anyway to reset tooltips?

I have a graph component that I’d like to be able to use a tooltip to display the current x,y of the mouse… So, if the user hovers for a second or so, it’ll graphically tell the user where they are.

It was easy to get this working… except, I want the tooltip to come back when the user moves a bit further along (and hovers, again).
It seems the tooltipclient implementation relies on the tip not coming back until the user mouses over a different component first.

Can you suggest any tricks I might be able to use to bypass this behaviour?


Yes, the tooltip classes aren’t really designed to do that. Because the Component::getToolTip() method doesn’t take co-ordinates, it only expects a component to give it a single tooltip and is optimised for that.

I think you’d probably have to do your own custom handler for this - but you can call the lookandfeel class to draw and resize your component to make it look like a standard tooltip.

Yah, that’s along the lines of what i was thinking…


I’m using the BubbleComponent (or something to that effect) for this kind of thing. I think it’s also looks better out of the box :slight_smile: Very easy to use. I’ll try to dig up some code if I get to it.