Higher VS2022 Warning Level for My Code

JUCE, TracktionEngine, and my DAW compile clean with warning level set to high (level 4) and “Treat warnings as Errors” enabled.

However, I would like to be able to use -Wall for my code. I cannot use -Wall for the JUCE code because it results in a blizzard of warnings (thousands!).

I looked at #pragma warning(push, 5), but the allowed values are only “1, 2, 3, 4”.

In Visual Studio 2022, is there a way to increase the warning level for my DAW (or plugin) code only?

The -Wall flag of MSVC is not equivalent to the -Wall flag of GCC/clang, it is more like the -Weverything flag of clang.
When using -Wall with MSVC or -Weverything with clang, you have to disable some specific warnings.

To enable warnings than are off by default on certain parts of your code, you can use #pragma warning(default : 4062).

Actually, for my code, I do want to see everything. But, as I stated before, this results in an absolute blizzard of warnings treated as errors for the JUCE code.

Still, your idea is probably the thing to do. I will enable suppressed warnings for my code.

Thank you!