Hiring questions

Not sure if this would go in JUCE jobs or not since, right now, I'm not technically putting up a job listing. I'm just looking for some information first.


I made a plug-in using Will Pirkle's RackAFX software, runs well enough, and my plan was to complete the project with that just to have the basic layout of what the plug-in needs to do and how and then migrate it over to JUCE as I learned it.


However, some stuff has come up in my personal life and I really don't have the spare time to learn JUCE and migrate the code/algorithm. So, I'm considering hiring somebody to do it and I'm wondering if anybody more experienced in the subject could let me know around what I could expect to pay to get the work done? I figure since the project is conceptually finished there really wouldn't be too much scope creep to worry about or anything like that.


Looking forward to the response, and thanks in advance!

Hey Brian,

Will Pirkle is my professor from the U of Miami! I helped debug RackAFX in its early stages.

I have a fair amount of experience porting plugins from RackAFX into JUCE. I'd love to help out. PM me and we can get this started.



Hey muirscape,


Glad to see a response, that's pretty cool stuff that you helped put together RackAFX. I sent you a PM, let me know if you got it or not please!