HISE iOS: Use of undeclared identifier 'GL_BLEND_SRC'

This is my last build issue for HISE iOS.

glGetIntegerv(GL_BLEND_SRC, &blendSrc);

Use of undeclared identifier ‘GL_BLEND_SRC’

glGetIntegerv(GL_BLEND_DST, &blendDst);

Use of undeclared identifier ‘GL_BLEND_DST’

Can anyone help?

Maybe related to these changes in case you are on the develop branch? FR: Wrangle a comprehensive set of OpenGL functions & macros - #5 by reuk

I’d have no idea how to implement this within HISE though…

Is this an error in the JUCE source, or in the HISE sources? I can’t see any lines like this in JUCE.

I had a quick look at the HISE project. It looks like both the master and develop branches are using a version of JUCE from before the gl-wrangling change, so I think the issue you’re seeing has a different cause.

The error points to a file within the JUCE modules of my HISE project.

The error sounds like a header is missing somewhere, but that sounds quite unlikely. If that were true, I think we’d have seen it in our own internal testing builds, and other users would have reported the same issue.

It sounds like you’re using an older version of JUCE, and there’s a chance the issue is resolved in the current develop branch. If possible, I’d recommend updating JUCE to check whether or not the issue is still present.

Yup, it looks to me like HISE is depending on a version of JUCE that’s about 2 years old, and making their own changes as needed. It looks like their copy of JUCE is at about 5.4.3: HISE/JUCE/modules at master · christophhart/HISE · GitHub

FTR this exact same issue came up on mainline JUCE in the develop branch but the solution in that case is to qualify each openGL call to juce::gl:: namespace or add using namespace juce::gl; to the narrowest possible scope (in implementation files) as needed.

But this couldn’t come up in HISE unless you were building against current JUCE so it must be something else.

One thing you can try is replacing GL_BLEND_SRC and GL_BLEND_DST with some kind of hex values like 0x0 and 0x1 to see if the error jumps over to glGetIntegerv, which would mean it can’t find anything from openGL most likely, not just those two macro values.

I’ve just about given up with HISE as I actually tried to do the Hex value thing like you said. But I am getting loads of JUCE runtime errors.

If you are running on modern iOS there may be some incompatibilities between that version of JUCE and newer iOS, so yeah, it’s probably simply too far outdated now.

Christoph claims he has updated HISE to use JUCE 6. Still having these issues. I don’t know…

Have you tried building against the develop branch of HISE? Looks like JUCE 6 hasn’t made it to the master branch yet

Yes. Thats all I can build on. I’ve tried everything else.