Hit a wall with jucer

I have a class that inherits from Button. I add this component as a generic component. Everything is working fine at this point except for the buttonClicked hook.

I can’t keep jucer from overwriting code to handle click from my custom button.

It would be great to have user code in buttonClickeed

void JucerComponent::buttonClicked (Button* buttonThatWasClicked)

…generated code

also, I cannot get jucer to build. I hit an exception…something to do with critical section…

Why not just put the whole buttonClicked method in the “UserMethods” and “MiscUserCode” sections of the files? That’s what they’re there for!

…oh, and what’s the stack trace for the exception you’re getting?

putting the listeners in ‘my methods’ is exactly what I ended up doing. The exception was caused because visual studio didn’t rebuild the juce.lib when I upgraded from 1.37.