Some little mistakes

i’m starting using the jucer cause it’s very handy for making options window components. in the jucer all is fine, but when exporting the files and linking to the application i have noticed a couple of things. first (from the jucer) setting a button name it set the current TextButton text, but setting the text property of the button don’t do nothing (in exported cpp). i think name property should actually set Component internal name, text property should be button text (and use that in the TextButton constructor) cause in juce is behaving like this. also, the same thing belong to the toggle buttons, the name sets the text besides the toggle, but actually the text property don’t set anything at all (and in jucer is the opposite!). anyway the rest is extremely good, very cool having opened a vc project with some files and modify in juce the same files while looking the source changes from time to time in realtime ! (the only thing that makes me bad is that sometimes it generates code better than mine ! eheh :shock:)

Let me throw in a bug I experienced last night. I started using it for the first time last night mind you, so I started it up, and I was starting up another project that needed a listbox on the left, and a listbox on the right, with space above the right listbox for a few labels. I created a new component, added a new listbox, and the program hung, unsure what was up and didn’t have time to look so I just made it manually then. I will try to duplicate the problem tonight if I can should you want (assuming the listbox part is finished)…

Ta for the bugs. There’s so much code in there and I wrote it so fast that I’m not surprised there’s a few glitches! For the button thing, you just need to add this to the ButtonHandler::fillInCreationCode() to generate code that sets its name:

        if (b->getButtonText() != b->getName())
              << memberVariableName << "->setButtonText ("
              << quotedString (b->getButtonText()) << ");\n";

I’d of course be keen to know what happened with the hang-up… You could try using it in debug mode in case it happens again?

Next time I get a free half hour or so I will try to duplicate it.