Horizonatl/Vertical Dragger

Hi, I need the kind of ComponentDragger that restricts the component's position to only one of the directions. I think this is common enough a feature so it should be done easilly. But I don't see any way how to achieve this using ComponentBoundsConstrainer. If I understand it well, You can only restrict the component's size, and the amount of pixels it can go offscreen.


I achieved the desired effect by inheriting ComponentDragger and basically overriding it's methods and altering the mouseEvent so that it has the same y-coordinate as the event that initiated the mouseDrag. But this solution seems kinda hackish and I don't like it. Is there a nicer solution in JUCE for this? I think that it is that common a feature that ComponentDragger could just have a property (that you could specify in the constructor or whatever) saying that it would drag in just one of the directions.



Any idea?

ComponentBoundsConstrainer would be the thing to use. You can put restrictions on the bounds in any way you want, not just the size.

But I just don't see how. There's no "setLimits()" method. There are methods for setting maximum/minimum size, and methods for fixed aspect ratio. But those are useful only for resizing the component. My component is fixed-size and I need to drag it, but restrain it's movement to x direction only (wherever it currently is...). There are also methods for setting minimum onscreen amount of pixels but those are apparently not useful for this action either.



Override ComponentBoundsConstrainer::checkBounds() and do whatever you need to do in there.

Well yes, I figured that much, but I was trying to say that dragging in just one of the directions is common enough a task (or so I think) that it should be some basic ComponentBoundsConstrainer feature, or maybe ComponentDragger feature. So if you find a little of Your time (I know it sounds unlikely) maybe You could consider that.


Thanks anyeay, I will then stick with my current solution...