Host doesn't load AU parameters from non-juce project

I’m porting an old non-JUCE plugin to JUCE.

The old version of the plugin didn’t save a chunk - only communicated with the host using parameters and programs.

When I launch the JUCE VST2 version, I’m able to load a session saved with the old version of the plugin, and it loads correctly in all different hosts.

However, with AU (Logic/Ableton Live) it seems like I’m not getting any calls to update the plugin with the stored parameters.

I am getting a call to restoreState() - which fails due to the fact the old plugin saves a version number of “1” and MusicDeviceBase::RestoreState, which the JUCE wrapper calls to, only accepts hard coded “0” for the version.

Any ideas on what to do?

Did anyone port a non-JUCE AU plugin to JUCE and has any ideas?