Problem in JuceAU::RestoreState

I checked out the tip a few days ago to continue work on converting my plugin to Juce from VSTGUI. I had previously saved AU plugin state using a CFDictionary key with my own company name. In RestoreState the key is hard coded to CFSTR(“jucePluginState”) which I needed to change to my previous key. It would be nice if this was referenced to a key defined in appconfig or something so that the code doesn’t need to be continually modified when new Juce versions are downloaded. Is there any problem with doing this?

Why did you change it in the first place? That’s just an internal name, it’s not something that needs to be unique to your plugin…

The original AU project files were not generated with Juce. Our plugin currently uses VSTGUI. We want to switch to Juce however we have lots of AU, VST, RTAS projects in the field that need to be loaded. The AU projects use this older key. It seems that other companies that might want to switch to Juce would also be in this situation.

Ok… I never really designed it to be able to import data that was stored by some other program, but I’ve added a JUCE_STATE_DICTIONARY_KEY macro that you can set to override the name.

That’s terrific. If you’re trying to port an existing plugin with active users in the field this kind of backward compatibility is important.