Hosts not calling processBlockBypassed


I just started adding some anti-click fades to some plugins intending to use processBlockBypassed to find out when the host has bypassed the plugin but it looks like a lot of hosts never call this.

I've tried Logic, Reaper and BitWig with various formats and none of them call processBlockBypassed. Most just stop calling the processBlock method but some continue to call processBlock (BitWig) but just don't pass the audio. Presumably this is so the UI keeps responding and they do their own bypass fading.

Has anyone come across a host that actually calls this method? Or am I just being thick?


Did you ever work out what was going on with this @dave96? Just hitting a similar issue, wondering if I’ve missed something obvious.


Did you see this thread?

Even thouhg there is no conclusion either, it has already checked some ideas for research…


I don’t think I came across that in my searches for some reason, thanks for the link!