How can I set multiple input channel in a Standalone plugin?


I am using Juce Framework to develop my final degree project, which consist in coding a simple virtual audio mixer that manages 2 audio inputs and 1 stereo output. The mixer input channels process the audio signals coming from the computer mic/line input and from a multimedia player through a virtual audio cable.

Due to my rookie condition in setting audio devices and focusing my project mainly on real-time audio DSP processing, I chose the Juce Standalone Plugin template instead of the Audio Application template to code my project, but now, due to the input requirements I’m not sure if I did the right thing. In fact, the Audio/Midi Settings window only shows one stereo pair active input channels, and only lets me select one input device at a time.

What should I do to make the mixer process both input devices simultaneously?

Hello there,
Just a small remark because this is something i read many times: “Standalone plugin” is nonsense. Either you app is standalone - meaning it doesn’t need a host app to run - or it is a plugin - meaning it needs a host app to run. So yes you use the JUCE template to generate one plugin + one standalone app but not a single “standalone plugin”.
You can deal with input/output setup by using the helper class AudioDeviceManager which provides all you need ->
Also look at class which allows to select the audio device type you want to play with.