How do I implement String to string?

I have a string:

Juce::String Foo;

and I can’t work out how to implement this:

std::string 	toStdString () const

i have tried numerous things such as things like this

std::string bar = juse::Foo.toStdString();

but haven’t prevailed. Any help would be appreciated.

String foo("my foo string");
std::string fooStd = foo.toStdString();


std::string fooStd = String("my foo string").toStdString();

seems like you might be missing some basic knowledge of how c++ works and how to read/work with APIs

Thanks dude.

I am a computer science student, C++ was first year, haven’t touched it this year until now. This year has been Java and C#.

By time I think I grasp one, we get told to do another. Can’t wait to finish and concentrate one one and become pro like you :slight_smile: