How to add a skew factor to a map function?

I need to map a variable. Its range is from 0 to 1. And I need it to be from 0 t o 1000 but this mapping should have a skew factor. Normally just multiplying it with 1000 would work for this mapping but I need a skew factor. From 0 to 0.5 it should give me 0 to 120 and for the rest it can be exponential or linear. How can I apply a skew factor to a mapping calculation?
Thank you for your answers :pray:

How about using a NormalisableRange?

Just set the public skew variable…

Or add a lambda as mapping function to the NormalisableRange, then you can do anything there

 /** Creates a NormalisableRange with a given range, interval and skew factor. */
NormalisableRange (ValueType rangeStart,
                   ValueType rangeEnd,
                   ValueType intervalValue,
                   ValueType skewFactor,
                   bool useSymmetricSkew = false) noexcept

:smiley: You’re right :slight_smile: thank you :slight_smile: