How to add URL Schema to Xcode so I can commit?

Hi to all,

I want to add URL Schema so I can open my JUCE app using the browser. I can open the Xcode and add it in URL Types (in info tab). That works as expected but I want to add it to my jucer file when it opens. I tried adding it to PList Preprocessor Definitions like below

			<string>MySchemaName URL</string>

But it never shows when I open it in Xcode. So any idea how I can add it?
Thank you very much in advance.

“PList Preprocessor Definitions” is not a XML. It’s a list of preprocessor definitions (like MY_FAVORITE_COLOR=blue), which can be referenced in the XML contents (as ${MY_FAVORITE_COLOR}).

That XML should be in the “Custom PList” field of the “Xcode (macOS)” exporter.

I hope this helps!


Thank you @mcmartin
That solved my problem. Excellent