How to animate custom rotary controllers?

I am a complete newbie on this so be preparedā€¦ :wink:

I want to design my own UI elements in Photoshop or c4d to use them with juce or jucer.

I am thinking of custum rotary controllers for example.

If i export the animated motion as an image sequence from Cinema 4D
How would i turn my pictures into motion in Jucer or Juce ?

in other words:
How would i get Jucer to step through my image sequence depending on how far the user turns the rotary on screen?

Any hints would be greatly appreciatedā€¦

well your component would have to load a bunch of Image objects for the frames, and draw whichever one is correct for the value.

Youā€™d probably want to do a custom component for it, although you could also use the Slider class if you gave it a custom LookAndFeel which drew the images instead of the normal rotary slider graphics.

thanks. that clears up a lot.

Could you give me some example code, or is there a tutorial covering it somewhere?


Havenā€™t got an example for exactly what youā€™re doing, but itā€™s really pretty basic stuff. All the elements of what you need to do, like loading images, drawing them, responding to mouse clicks, etc are done in the juce demo and jucer.

allright ill look in thereā€¦
thanks for putting me on the right trackā€¦