How to bundle AUv3.appex with a seperate standalone project? (Error ITMS-90164) (SOLVED)

Hi JUCE’rs

I try to add the mysynth.appex to my standalone app bundle and the test host find the AU in the simulator, but on submission to itunes I got the following error:

I don’t get this error if I submit the bundle which is created with your original AUv3 project - this works fine.

Do I have to define something in the project if I add an extension to my app bundle? Or any idea what I do wrong?


NOTE: why not using the bundle from your original AUv3 project? Coz I use a modified JUCE version for the Standalone with IAA and AudioBus support.

Here is a short checklist of what is required to submit your AUv3

  • You must code-sign both the appex and the standalone wrapper app with the same code signing identity
  • Your appex’ bundle id must be a subpath of the standalone wrapper app’s bundle-id (i.e. com.roli.equator.equatorAuv3 for the appex vs. com.roli.equator for the wrapper app). The projucer should do this automatically
  • Both your appex and your wrapper standalone app must have entitlement files. The projucer will create entitlement files for you. You need to make sure that the appex has no entitlements enabled on iOS. On OS X the appex must have the “App sandbox” entitlement enabled. The wrapper app is allowed to have entitlements enabled. You can force xcode to create a new entitlements file by enabling a capability and disabling it again in the capabilities tab.

Thanks Fabian,

the trick was to use the same name for the app and appex bundle. Additionally I added a clean AUv3 target to the standalone project - removed the automatically added source files from the new target and “linked” the appex from the original AUv3 archive. Build and submitted successfully.

Not sure if both is required - I did it in one action with a lot of hope :slight_smile:
I’ll check this with the next build and hope I do not forget to update this post.

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Ah wow, interesting! If you could double check this then I will add it to the above list.