How to check if the Mouse is moved left or Right

Hi ,
I want to know if i am dragging a component to the Left or Right . Is there anything in the Library to check whether i am dragging mouse to the Left or Right ?

MouseEvent::getDistanceMovedFromDragStart ?

yes sir , exactly . getDistanceFromDragStart will give the left or right direction when the component starts moving. But i have a ‘n’ number of Tabs and i am moving one selected Tab from initial postion. I want to know that if i am dragging the current tab (which is a button component getTabbedButtonBar()->getTabButton(index)) from Left to Right, and without mouseUp i suddenly started dragging that tabButton from Right to Left, i want to know immediately that the button started moving to the Left .(Same case for moving to Right suddenly while i am moving moving L to R ). Does mouseWheelMove() will work here ? [i am working on Juce 1.53].

                    I tried to implement mouseWheelMove(const juce::MouseEvent& e, float wheelIncrementX,float wheelIncrementY); , but i am not getting the callback . I got your reply in my other post that i might have misspelled the function. But i have checked it , again i am not able to get the callback. :(

Sorry, but there’s no point in me trying to help if you’re looking at a completely different codebase to the one I’m using.