How to configure VST3 settings to eliminate errors

Hi new guy here. Ever since I enabled the “JUCE_VST3_CAN_REPLACE_VST2” option inside the plugin_client module, I’ve been getting a couple errors. For example:

Cannot open include file: ‘pluginterfaces/vst2.x/vstfxstore.h’: No such file or directory synth_VST3 C:\Users\xxxxx\Juce\modules\juce_audio_plugin_client\VST3\juce_VST3_Wrapper.cpp

My option was using global path for this module, and I also placed the SDK folder in the same directory as JUCE applications for the global paths option. One question I have is for the VST (Legacy) SDK, should I also set the path to \Users\xxxx\Juce\VST_SDK\VST3_SDK?

You should enable JUCE_VST3_CAN_REPLACE_VST2 only if you already have a VST2 version of your plugin and you want DAWs to support loading the VST3 version in place of the VST2 one, to make your users smoothly transition from one format to the other.

This means that you normally have already built a VST2 plugin and you have a copy of the VST2 SDK. Then you can point Projucer to that SDK, using the global paths, or in the exporter settings.