Updated to the latest version of Juce and now I can't compile vst legacy. I know about the issue with Steinberg licensing but could someone just explain to me what to do?

I still want to make vst2 alongside vst3. I understand I don’t own an official Stienberg license and cannot distribute blah blah blah.
Several people said something about setting JUCE_VST3_CAN_REPLACE_VST2 to 0. So I did that and I still get error messages when trying to compile a fresh audio plugin project. I’m considering shoving a pencil in my eye as I’ve wasted most of this evening trying to get vsts to compile like they did this morning and nobody seems to give me a straight answer. I saw somebody vaguely say something about “include the old sdk in the header search path.” Sounds great! Which files? I have the old juce files.

I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. Surely somebody else here still makes vst2 since Ableton still won’t accept Vst3. Does ANYBODY know how to include the vst2 sdk or whatever it is I need to make this go away? I have a timeline for this project that I’m suddenly unable to continue working on and I’d appreciate any help.

(Also some people say I can make a vst2 from the vst3 sdk, but if that’s the case, why am I getting error messages?)


You need to find those two files that can’t be found (aeffect.h & aeffectx.h) and put them somewhere. (keep them in the plugininterfaces/vst2.x folder hierarchy). Then in ProJucer | Global Paths, point VST (Legecy) SDK at the folder you have created.

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Thank you so much. It took some digging but I found a link to an archived version that had those files. Plopped them in like you said and it worked. Seriously thank you.