Is it still possible to create VST? Seems not

Hey there,

while dealing with my other question, I read that MIDI seems to be brolen for VST3, so I tried VST2. Does not work. I altered my include path just to find JUCE asking for a header, that is nowhere in the whole VST_SDK from Steinberg.

What am I doing wrong ?

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The VST2.x headers are no longer included in JUCE.

You’ll find all the answers in this thread:

So the answer is no ? I can not create VST2 if I start now and do not have an older version of the SDK or build myself an older version of Juce to have the internal sdk?

Don’t want to be nasty, but can you confirm?

Technically you will be able to ask around and get an old SDK, that can still be used by adding the path to that old SDK in the field “VST Legacy SDK”.
Legally, if you don’t have already a countersigned Agreement from Steinberg, you cannot publish anything using this old SDK.
Steinberg are the only ones who can make an exception, so you may ask there, but seems they don’t.

Even if you are able to technically build VST2 plugins now, you may be in a situation where you can no longer distribute your plugins publicly. Steinberg no longer grants VST2 licenses for new developers. (Since October 2018.)

To be honest I am not really keen on building VST2, as I am a ProTools user, but building AAX looks even harder and as I have BluCats PatchWork I am just using Vst3.

I just wanted to test if the Midi problems regarding MidiBuffer.clear() that have been mentioned to be existing on VST3 in Juce are the reason for my problem. (see other thread)

Would have been nice though, as I am also a Reason user and they only do (limited) Vst2…