How to Control an audio parameter with OSC?

Hello all

I have learned so much from this forum so far and I have one more question. I am making simple plug in that has a level control. i want the user to be able to either use a slider in the GUI or use OSC to control the level parameter. I am having trouble working out how i can attach the slider to both the parameter and to OSC to keep everything in sync.

Is there a way to add an attachment or a listener between the Level parameter and the incoming OSC commands?

the desired result is that OSC can always control the parameter weather or not the GUI is open and when the GUI is open the Slider is kept in sync and can also control the parameter if no OSC messages are incoming.

Edit: I suppose put another way:

How can i directly update the parameters value when an OSC command arrives?

i hope that makes sense

any help is much appreciated.


i found my answer in an old thread

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