How to get native windows with thin bar height

hum... I can't find anyway to get it. I mean the type of window you get if for example on osx you select the main menu->about this mac

you'll have a window with only the close button allowed, but most importantly with a really thin bar.

Does anyone have a way to get it with juce?


no one really? :(

It's not something that's supported - and I vaguely remember there being something awkward about how such windows work on OSX.. If you want to figure out how it works on all the platforms and suggest some modifications, I'd be open to that :)

ah... ok. well, not important enough for me to take the time to look deeply into that right now. And I understand it is not in the top priorities.

I thought I was perhaps missing some possibility cause there are such windows in the juce based app MaxMsp. Guess the guys at cycling74

did it for themselves. anyway.