Dark title bars in Windows

In Visual Studio and Spotify there are nice dark title bars available. These look almost native Windows, but with a different colour background.

Is there some JUCE way of achieving this, other than just running with a completely custom title bar?

There’s an answer from a Spotify dev here:


I would love to be able to do this in JUCE as well (even more, I would love to have a native Windows menu bar available like we get on macOS) so that we can do beautiful native menu/title bar combos like in Photoshop. Unfortunately, it seems like anything involving native GUI stuff under Windows is lightyears behind what native GUI we can get under macOS - a bias which seems to permeate JUCE as a whole (still no Direct2D while mac gets CoreGraphics, native widgets for an assortment of pickers under macOS, etc.). I’m guessing this is because macOS users are a lot more intolerant of non-native stuff than Windows users are (since Windows design is already all over the place even without JUCE).

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Outlook gets a blue one…