How to get the frequency of my signal using FFT?

I need help, how to get the frequency using FFT class.

I am new at this class.

there is a tutorial about that on this website: JUCE: Tutorial: The fast Fourier transform

when you’ve finished it you should have an idea where the bins are and when they are updated.

beware it’s a standalone tutorial. in a plugin you have to be slightly more careful with how to get the buffer data to the GUI, or more like how to make the GUI ask for it.

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If you’re trying to do pitch detection, you can’t just find the frequency bin with the most power. Pitch detection algorithms are more complex; many of them use FFT but you can’t detect pitch using only an FFT by itself.


This is exactly what I’m looking for, what would you recommend I do?

I would recommend using the YIN algorithm. It’s actually entirely time domain; you can use an FFT to try and optimize the calculation of the difference function but it’s not strictly necessary.

The original YIN paper is here and you can find some discussion & explanation on this Stackoverflow thread. Example code can be found here


:0 thank you

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