How to make a simple full screen app on android [solved]

How do I make a basic full screen app on android?
Is there an example showing that?
I tried the tutorial, but there is an ugly title bar at the top. I changed the DocumentWindow to a ResizableWindow, but that didn’t change a thing.

Btw, when we create a ui application project with the projucer, perhaps the following android/ios specific bit should be added in the generated main.cpp:

            setFullScreen (true);
            centreWithSize (getWidth(), getHeight());

ok, found it!
the solution is to add :


in the “Android Theme” option in the projucer Android Project settings!!
Why aren’t those things by default? I guess that once you know it it’s fine, but I lost quite some time figuring that out…
I’m sure that 99% of the android apps needs those fullscreen options no?

Perhaps that could be mentioned in the android tutorial? (sorry if I’m mistaken and if it actually is mentioned there, I’ve read it pretty quickly)


Yep, that’s a good idea and something we’ve been meaning to do for a while. I’ll get those added.

cool. while you’re at it, there is a small typo in the projucer:
Leave empty to build for all possible android archiftectures

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