How to manage component interactions between PluginProcessor & PluginProcessorEditor?

i’m new here.

In many of the official JUCE tutoial docs, projects are not based on ‘Plugin’ example, which makes them not in PluginProcessor&PluginProcessorEditor Pattern. And it seems not to have a gap which would happen when PluginProcessor needs to modify parameters in PluginProcessorEditor.

To better explain my wonder, i’ll take JUCE: Tutorial: Build an audio player in Audio Chapter as an instance. In the doc, it can call the buttons easily when it comes to the ChangeState() function. But (in my concept) TransportState should belongs to Processor, and Buttons as kind of paramter tweakers should be involved in Editor. In this situation, it’s in my inability to find a way to access the Buttons when i change the state if in Processor&Editor Pattern.
So is there any tricks to better manage the interaction between Processor & Editor?
(don’t laugh at me if this turns out to be a dumb question…)

By the way, if u would like to, could u please share ur way to manage a JUCE plugin project neatly?

from what I understand processor should not know anything about the editor. it must be possible to be able to use different editors or even not to use it, this will be indifferent for the processor (which has no direct connection with the editor)

to modify parameters from the editor I use the identifier name, and to modify controls in response to the processor I use listeners or the onValueChange function, I don’t need anything else (at least for now). I don’t know of other ways.