How to link a GUI component to the Plugin Editor?

I have created a pretty elaborate user interface in a GUI component consisting of several sliders using the Projucer. My question now is how do I link the GUI component to my PluginEditor so that I can use the sliders to control the variables involved in audio processing? Typically, I’m used to just creating the sliders and UI within the PluginEditor itself. Probably a pretty simple thing linking the two components somehow but thought it couldn’t hurt to ask for advice.

Nvm. I watched some videos on parent and child components and realized that I could link components by inclusion of headers and whatnot.

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Exactly my question!
For within a GUI component, the pluginprocessor is not known, so the sliderchange() event can not acces the pluginprocessor . Tried several dirty workarounds that failed, so if some expert here can tell me what the best solution is, that’d be great…

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Hi guitarpolson, this video helped me understand the concept better:
Parent and Child GUI

You have to include the header file of the processor in the editor and create a new processor object in the editor. Therefore, the child component is the processor within the parent component that is the editor. That way you can access the processor object in the editor and directly update the different variables and functions within the editor. Hope that might help a bit.