How to offer VST2 plugins now?

Another possible solution, I can’t say I’ve tried it or given it much thought though

Yes that would probably work, but it is exclusively GPL unfortunately:

FST is released under the GNU General Public License (version 3 or later) .

It is our understanding that if you use the FST-header in your project, you have to use a compatible (Open Source) license for your project as well.

There are no plans to release FST under a more permissive license. If you want to build closed-source plugins (or plugin hosts), you have to use the official Steinberg VST2 SDK, and comply with their licensing terms.

Maybe it’s legal to create a GPL’d bridge based on FST and then use that one in your app? Something akin to jBridge… should be legal if you distribute it separately, maybe an automatic download?

I have doubts what Steinberg is doing is even legal in many countries. Isn’t it discrimination to put people at a disadvantage just because of their age?

However that may be, I would suggest JUCE show a nice informational hint about that issue to all users of VST plugins and suggest moving on to CLAP in order to f over Steinberg and get rid of them. Pay day.